Home sweet (expensive) home

Along with our wedding, we’re also house hunting. Whether you’re looking to rent or buy finding a home can become a very stressful process. But only if you make it one.

As your weekends become filled with open houses, measuring tapes and deciding whether the couch you love so very much will fit in the corner of the living room, slowly slowly you begin to realise how much there is to actually think about when it comes to choosing a home together.

If you’ve found the home, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

When you walk into your home… you’ll just know it’s the one.

It’s choosing which direction it faces, making sure the kitchen is in working order, making sure it has the right amount of bedrooms and bathrooms, whether there’s an internal laundry, whether there’s a parking spot… and through it all, it’s two people who have to be satisfied.

While we know what we want, my fiancee and I don’t believe we’re being too picky when it comes to our search. It has to have a balcony, at least one parking spot and if it’s a walk-up, no higher than first floor (let’s face it, baby #1 is going to arrive in this apartment and who wants to lug a pram up and down four flights of stairs or more?)

Trouble is, there’ll always be something wrong with the place. You could be in love with the size, but there’s no bath. Or the kitchen could be delightful, but the living space is too small.

We’ve seen several apartments that we both love. And while a few of them have satisfied the criteria, none of them are our home.

It’s like the perfect dress. When you put it on, you just know.

When you walk into your home… you’ll just know it’s the one.

Despite the strangers milling around you, you’ll picture yourself there with a glass of wine in your hand and the TV blaring with your favourite show. Yes, there may be some imperfections, but over time they’ll become your imperfections and you’ll grow to love them even more than the best features of your home.

My advice when house hunting: take a moment to let the atmosphere sink in while you wander through the rooms. Can you picture yourself there?

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