Thanks y’all

We’ve been married for almost four months now. We had a wonderfully incredible day and night surrounded by our amazing families and friends. Since then, we’ve moved into our new apartment, I’ve travelled to Borneo on a work trip and we’ve been on our spectacular honeymoon – during a Thai Coup I may add (more on that to come).

And I’m finally finding the time to sit down and actually write. This post goes out to our wonderful bridal party.

When we sat down to talk about our bridal party, we contemplated only having our siblings and one or two close friends. But when it came down to it, and we asked each other who we wanted by our sides, thirteen names came out.

On the day, we had six very handsome groomsmen and six beautiful bridesmaids. But it was more than just the day. It was the lead up to the big event that was so special – and it was mostly down to them. It was the hens night and the bucks night, the kitchen tea, the night before steak dinner and the onesie movie night.

You see, we had quite a unique situation.Jess & Daniel_0961 Our bridal party are all friends. And not just friends who know each other from around, but close friends who see each other every week. Most of them went to school together and for me, some of my bridesmaids actually knew my husband before they knew me. Nothing was awkward about people meeting each other for the first time. The whole process was a time shared between a very close-knit group of friends, watching two of their friends get married. And we really felt the love.

On the day, many people couldn’t quite figure out why I was so relaxed and calm. I woke up bright and early to my gorgeous nephew running around (you couldn’t even tell that he’d had less sleep than normal) and soon after my bridesmaids arrived. I was looked after the whole morning – food was magically put in my hand, water in my glass. We spent the morning giggling, chatting, eating and being pampered. My poor father!

The girls helped me into my dress, with my parents looking on, and made me laugh all the time. Surrounded by those six girls, there was nothing that could possibly stress a bride out.

Want to know how to avoid becoming that dreaded b-word? Surround yourself with loving people who really, truly want the best for you. Surround yourself with people who want to help you, want you to be happy and want you to feel loved. Because at the end of the day, they’re the ones you’re going to be spending the lead up to your special day with.Jess & Daniel_0931

They’re the ones who are going to be with you when you wake up, get dressed and walk down that aisle.


And if you choose right, they’re the ones who will make you feel like the most important person in the world.

And then as quickly as it started it was all over. The ceremony was done and dusted, the photos were snapped and the dancing was finished. And we found ourselves alone, for the first time all day. And all we could talk about was how amazing our groomsmen and bridesmaids had been.

Our wedding wasn’t just about us. It was a very special time for our families as well. And it was a very special time for our very close group of friends, who made our day about so much more than just two people.

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