Life-changing conversations

We have multiple conversations every day, but few of them are life-changing. Enter the MFAA’s recently launched consumer campaign showing that a conversation with an MFAA member is so much more than just a financial transaction. 

What would your life-changing conversation be? A first home? A bigger backyard for kids’ play time? Help to grow your business?

The MFAA’s recently launched consumer campaign centres around ‘life-changing conversations’. More than just bricks and mortar, life-changing conversations deliver on hopes, dreams, plans and passions. While we have countless conversations throughout our lives, few have the ability to be truly life-changing.

With credit advisers not only helping people into homes and businesses but also helping people’s lives, the ‘life- changing conversations’ brand position cements MFAA members as the best.

The objective of the consumer awareness and advertising campaign is to raise awareness of MFAA members as providing the highest standard of service in the industry.

“A key point of the MFAA strategic objectives is to promote consumer awareness of MFAA credit advisers,” Phil Naylor, CEO of the MFAA says. MFAA members undergo higher educational qualifications and ongoing professional development, but broker feedback states that consumers don’t necessarily recognise this.

The campaign ensures MFAA members are recognised for their extra qualifications and that MFAA Approved Credit Advisers are the first choice when consumers are financing or refinancing. Based on research undertaken by the MFAA, the campaign recognises that, despite consumers wanting different things out of life, everybody wants someone reliable on the journey.

“It quickly became evident that a conversation with an MFAA member is so much more than a financial transaction,” says Christian Finucane from Core Sydney, the creative agency behind the consumer campaign.

“These are the people that get you great deals so you can buy your dream home, start your new business or find more time for what’s important.”

The MFAA is choosing to promote online this year, finding that general media campaigns don’t produce benefits unless they are ongoing. This has largely been influenced by last year’s success. The 2012 campaign was less expensive, offered more flexibility and was more measurable compared to traditional media campaigns.

“This year’s campaign builds on those experiences with an even greater emphasis on online and social media to encourage consumers to only deal with an MFAA credit adviser because of their higher professional standards,” says MFAA CEO, Phil Naylor.

The campaign is entirely digital, consisting of display advertising and a Facebook promotion. Both serve to drive people to the MFAA’s ‘Essentials of Borrowing’ website to find an MFAA Approved Credit Adviser.

The display advertising is based around three core concepts to target key audiences.

When it comes to first homebuyers, most just want to know how best to enter the property market easily and sensibly. The consumer campaign shows how MFAA credit advisers make this happen, including educating young consumers on different finance options, the various ways to pay back mortgages and how best to finance a loan in accordance with individual circumstances. It’s all about helping consumers understand their options.

A second angle the campaign takes is refinancing to give consumers more time – time to dedicate to what’s most important in life.

Lastly, the campaign looks at how a life-changing conversation can impact commercial lending, using the example of a farmer who was able to extend his farm after discussing his business options with an MFAA Approved Credit Adviser. All creatives executions are illustrative and are not intended to be literal interpretations.

The Facebook competition, entitled ‘Life-changing Likes’ gives one lucky consumer the chance to win $5000 from life-changing partners Wattyl Paint, Accor Hotels and Resorts, Qantas Holidays or Freedom Furniture.

Consumers are also educated about the importance of good advice and where to go to get it.

Download Life-changing conversations

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