You need to know: Keiran Evans

With a long and strong history at ANZ, it’s Keiran Evans’ time to shine as the new Head of Third Party Distribution, taking the reins from Meg Bonighton, who is now General Manager of Specialist Channels. 

Jessica Goulburn: Tell me a bit about your experience with brokers and third party banking.
Keiran Evans: It was around 15 years ago that I set up ANZ’s commercial broker team. We were the first major bank involved with brokers in a commercial sense. That was probably when I first realised the value that brokers could bring to the marketplace and truly understood that customers wanted choice in delivery methods.

JG: Do you think that years of experience within ANZ gives you an advantage when dealing with such a specific field?
KE: I’ve owned a small to medium business, and that – together with my commercial and corporate background – gives me a real empathy for, and knowledge of, the particular challenges of running and operating a business. It also means I have a strong connection with brokers and a deeper understanding of their needs and concerns. The one thing I’ve had at the forefront of my mind in everything I’ve done has been to always put clients first. I’m really pleased to see that the broking industry has matured along those lines and it’s still very much a client-first approach. When you’re in commercial and corporate, you’re putting together some pretty sizeable deals. I’m happy to say there’s no bigger thrill or emotional connection than when you help a client buy their first home, so I’m delighted that I’m in this role and helping people achieve their dreams. I’m experienced in the industry, but I’ve also been slightly removed from it for a little while, which means I’ve got a fresh pair of eyes, and some new ideas and perspectives. I believe that will be a good combination.

JG: How do you intend to fill Meg Bonighton’s shoes?
KE: I have great respect for what Meg did when she was in the role. The business is in great shape and that’s a credit to Meg and all of our teams. When I’ve been out visiting aggregators and brokers, the one clear message I get is how strong and consistent our teams are. It’s a great legacy that Meg has left and I plan to continue to build on that.

JG: What are your plans for the third party channel in the coming six months?
KE: Feedback about ANZ from aggregators and brokers is really positive, so it is great to know that ANZ has such a strong, consistent reputation in the marketplace. It’s about continuing to enhance what we’ve already got, especially our great relationships. There is future growth potential and there will be opportunities for us to continue the momentum and improve it even further.

JG: What do you think about increased professionalism of the industry, taking into account the strong stance the MFAA has taken with education requirements far above that required by legislation?
KE: One of the things I’ve noticed since coming back into the industry is that it is more professional and mature in its approach. Customers are always looking for knowledgeable advice, so I believe it’s essential that the industry is well regulated and that advisers are equipped to support their clients. Continued professional development is important in any industry, but especially in the finance industry. ANZ is committed to supporting all of our broker partners in terms of professional development, especially with accreditations and credit training. We also spend a lot of effort ensuring our Business Development Managers are receiving professional development because you need to keep enhancing that. It’s always about more and more knowledge and providing better service to customers. If we can help brokers to help their customers then it’s a win for everyone.

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