About Jessica

I graduated from my Media and Communications degree at the height of the financial crisis. With very little job opportunities available, I decided to study further. Why not do a law degree?

After slaving away for three years learning about contracts, property law and the Constitution, I threw it all in to start my publishing career. And I’ve never looked back. Do I sometimes wish I was a high-flying lawyer changing the world? Yes. Would I change a thing? Most definitely not.

I now have almost a decade worth of experience in the publishing industry. While I started with a renowned legal publishing house, I soon moved into the niche market of custom publishing and content marketing. In between, I also did a stint as a paralegal at a television production company.

And while I did the 9-5 grind for a few years, in early 2015, I decided to throw that towel in and become my own boss. I embraced the freelance life.

I’ve pretty much covered most topics you could possibly think to write about. Anything and everything from financial literacy right through to where the best playgrounds are in Australia. I have experience in multiple areas including lifestyle, parenting, finance and health, and I genuinely love the thrill of the writing chase – researching a topic, delving right in and creating content that is not only informative but also engaging, humourous and at times, downright personal. But I wouldn’t have it any other way.

In my free time, you’ll find me, coffee in hand, chasing my son up the slide in the playground or into the water at the beach. And sometimes, just sometimes, I find the time to read an excellent book or two.


Just a little brag: In 2011, I was one of three finalists in the Melbourne Law School Centre for Media and Communications Law Medal, with my article Straw, Sticks or Bricks — How to Stop the Big Bad Wolf from Piggybacking, a legal paper exploring the complex world of wireless networks and the vulnerability of unsecured networks.


I attended the University of New South Wales completing a Bachelor of Arts (Media and Communications) and a Juris Doctor postgraduate legal degree. I also completed a short-course in photojournalism at the University of Technology Sydney. Other than writing, I’m also a skilled video producer with experience shooting and editing corporate short films.  

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