Just say yes

I’m a bit of a romantic and always get completely sucked in by the proposal story. Whenever anyone around me gets engaged, I just can’t wait to hear all about it.

So it’s no surprise that whenever an incredible proposal story pops up on my Facebook news feed or in the daily news that I tend to click on it and I’ll admit, there are always tears!

For me, a proposal should always always always be about the couple. No point in going extravagant if it doesn’t speak to you as a couple. That’s why mine was the perfect proposal – at home, with my family upstairs (unaware of what was happening downstairs) and just my husband and I. No bells and whistles… just us.

I’d just flown in that morning. Poor guy picked me up from the airport and then when we eventually arrived home, I made him wait another hour and a half before I went downstairs. I was too busy hanging out with my family and playing with my nephew.

When we did get downstairs, he convinced me to help him with a Four Pics, One Word conundrum he’d been facing.

Will you marry me

And then he got down on one knee.

Four Pics, One Word is something we always played together. So my hubby convinced someone to make him his own Four Pics, One Word puzzle.

I didn’t even read the words before I started bawling.

It wasn’t extravagant, it wasn’t over the top, it was just us.

And it was perfect.



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