Capture the moment

I’ve always been fascinated with photography. That ability to capture one, single moment in a ‘forever’ image astounds me.

My sister recently gave birth to a little boy. He’s about to turn one and I can’t believe how time has flown by. So much has happened in the past year that it’s astonishing to think that December is already around the corner and our little boy is growing up so quickly.

I’ve been going a little (read: a lot) overboard with taking photos of him. Not because I’m the crazy aunt (well maybe), but because I’m terrified I’ll forget these very special moments with him.

My sister and I have been brought up in such a tight family, so I’m fortunate enough to see my nephew almost every day. I witnessed one of his first smiles. I made him giggle that beautiful giggle, and of course filmed it to share it around. I watched as he figured out how to roll over, sit up and most recently, how to do the worm (his version of crawling).

And every milestone has been captured and recorded.

I think back to when my sister and I were little, exploring the world and finding our way. Our dad would follow us around with a video camera capturing our every step, sprint and jump. And every day I thank him for that. Because now, I’ll have those moments to share with my children.

I guess the difference now is the ability to share these pictures and videos around. Every time someone takes a photo of my nephew, it’s shared with the family within minutes. So no matter where you are in the world, you feel part of his achievements, no matter how small.

His recently milestone has me chasing him around the house snapping photos as he navigates the 1980s breakdance move. It’s definitely a work out … and worth every breath!

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