Wedding bells

I often wonder whether I should find a niche blogging subject, rather than just spilling my thoughts as they come to mind.

I’ve been reading a lot of other blogs lately, and most of them are based around one single topic. But then I think, well isn’t this supposed to help people get to know me? What better way to do it than to simply spill my mind as I see fit.

On my mind at the moment … weddings.

With four weddings coming up over new year and my own impending nuptials in just over three months, it’s hard not to think weddings all day.

So of course, the majority of blogs I’ve been reading revolve around weddings. Hair prep, make-up trials, dresses, table decorations. There’s so much to think about that it’s very easy to get swept up and become that dreaded B word. Yep, I’m talking bridezilla.

I’ve prided myself in not being a bridezilla and surprisingly, the wedding planning process has been relatively easy (did I just jinx it?). I don’t quite understand how people get to that stage of being so demanding that no one actually wants to work with you, or indeed, be part of your bridal party. But as I was talking to some of my girlfriends who have their own weddings coming up, I began to see how women can get there. Not that they’re there. They’re just facing some extra stress that I don’t seem to be experiencing.

I’ve been exceptionally lucky to have a wonderful fiancee who backs our decisions to anyone who questions them. And we’re both so fortunate to have four parents who so lovingly say ‘it’s your wedding and they’re your decisions’ while still quietly steering us in the right direction, yet supporting us even when they don’t necessarily agree with our decisions (here’s looking at you mum).

I guess my view is, and always will be, that there’s more to a marriage than the bride and the groom.

Those people who raised you, those siblings who have been by your side forever and those friends who will surround you and support you on your wedding day, they’re what a marriage is about – unconditional love, everlasting friendship and most important of all, family.

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