Guess who’s back

Ok, so I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus for the past three weeks. With all the public holidays and four weddings, I’ve barely had time to breathe.

But let’s talk about it.

With my own wedding less than three months away, a question I was frequently asked was whether I was making notes as I attended the four other beautiful celebrations.

Truth is, most of my wedding is already organised. While I am exceptionally anal when it comes to organisation, I don’t think it’s necessarily a bad thing to stay ahead of the game.

That’s not to say I didn’t learn a thing or two.

At wedding number one, I learnt how to deal with change. Bride number one’s ceremony was supposed to be outdoors, but due to the 40 degree heat, it was moved indoors. Side note: best decision she made! I sat with her while she mourned (yes mourned) the loss of what was, in her eyes, the perfect ceremony. She needed the moment in the bathroom sobbing her eyes out to come to terms with the change. It’s ok to cry. But then remember to move on.

At wedding number two, bride number three was fretting about the differences between the current function and her own. Should she also have the buffet entree? Should she have chosen a different dress? Should she change the music? To top it all off, she didn’t even enjoy the night because she was too busy stressing. Me? I took notes … of how not to act the week before my wedding. Honestly, what’s the point? You can’t change much by that time anyway.

Wedding number four was a beautiful ceremony in the gardens of a function centre … in the rain.  Yep. You read that right. All the guests were huddled under umbrellas while the bride and groom were wed. Thank goodness it wasn’t bucketing down. While it does add a bit of atmosphere, I can guarantee that many of the guests (read: ladies) were worried about their hair and dresses, rather than focusing on the beautiful moment in front of us. Nevertheless, the bride looked beautiful and the couple were ecstatic. And really, that’s the main thing, right?

I guess the number one thing I learnt throughout the two weeks is that no wedding will ever be perfect. Mine definitely won’t be. I’m absolutely positive that things will go wrong. But at the end of the day, who cares? What’s important is how you deal with the challenges you’re faced with on the day.

And really, what else matters except the fact that I’m marrying the love of my life?

The other thing I realised… I absolutely LOVE weddings!

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